1917 #24 (2002)

Imperialism’s Bloody Trail
Enduring Oppression & Infinite Injustice

FTAA Demonstration in Quebec:
For Socialist Globalization!

Russia: A Capitalist Dystopia
Politics & Economics of Counterrevolution

‘All Shades of Political Thought’
Caste & Class in the USSR

Where is the ICL Going?
The Politics of Chicken Revisited

U.S. Imperialist Rule: An Endless Horror
World Trade Center Terror Bombing

A Significant Step
IBT’s Third International Conference

Centrism & Bolshevism in Ukraine
YRM’s Intervention in Anti-Kuchma Movement

Open Letter:
‘To All Revolutionaries in the Komsomol’

No Vote to Labour!
British Election 2001: Vote SA/SLP/SSP!

Recycled Browderism
Letter: ISO’s Campaign for Nader