1917 #37 (2015)

Ukraine, Russia & the Struggle for Eurasia
Tectonic Shifts in Global Politics

Confronting a World in Turmoil
Seventh International Conference of the IBT

Unity, Class, Program

Managing the Greek Crisis
Syriza & the Dangers of Popular Frontism

No payment! No meters! Abolish the water charges!
Irish working class organise to fight back

Scotland’s Independence Referendum
Austerity, nationalism and class collaboration

Spartacist Confusionists & the Scottish Referendum
SL & IG flounder on Scotland and Quebec

Spartacists Repudiate Class-Struggle Caucuses
Belated rationalization for abandonment of trade-union work

Adrian Blakelock: 1948-2014

Down with Racist Police Terror!
From Ferguson to New York – Jail the Killer Cops!

Platypus & the Maoists
Revolutionary Thought and Practice

UPP Banned in South Korea
Down with the National Security Law! Defend Democratic Rights!

Down with Zionist Terrorism! Defend the Palestinians!
For International Labor Action against Israeli Apartheid!