1917 #27 (2005)

Iraq: Imperial Overreach
U.S./UK Troops Out Now!

No to the Hijab Ban!
For the Separation of Religion & State

Anti-Fascist Protest in Wellington
Smash the National Front!

‘Bolivarian’or Proletarian Revolution?
Letter to Fire This Time

ICL & the Russian Question
Prestige Politics & Programmatic Confusion

No to ‘Lesser Evilism’
Forward to a Revolutionary Workers’ Party!

No Choice for Working People
Canadian Federal Election 2004

Polemic with the ICL on Tibet and Falun Gong: On Combating Religion & Social Backwardness

Capitalism & Terrorism
Paranoia & Hypocrisy in the Age of Imperialism

What Choice for Workers?
Labour, trade unions and reformist dead ends
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