1917 #28 (2006)

Venezuela: State & Revolution
For a Socialist Federation of Latin America!

Iraq Unravels
The Empire Strikes Out

Imperialist Expansionism & the EU
Predators & Prey

New Orleans: Racism & Capitalist Irrationality
U.S. Imperialism in Decline

From the Horse’s Mouth

Principles & Tactics
On the 2004 Venezuelan Referendum

Socialists & Sharia Courts
For the Separation of Religion and State!

Cliffites, Clerics & Class Collaboration
SWP’s Respect Gambit

What’s Bred in the Bone
Workers Power’s Labourite Reflex

Swimming Against the Stream
IBT Fourth International Conference

Defend Civil Liberties in Britain!
‘The Rules of the Game are Changing…’

‘A Blank Page’
IG & Revolutionary Defeatism