1917 #31 (2009)

Whither China?
Political Revolution or Counterrevolution

U.S. Empire in Decline
Global Realignment and Sharpening Imperialist Rivalry

Imperialism & Global Inequality
Capitalist Accumulation & Neo-Colonial Pillage

Capitalism in Crisis
A Marxist Analysis of the Global Downturn

Smash the BNP!
British Fascism on the Rise

Women’s Rights in ‘Pro-Life’ Ireland
Free Abortion on Demand!

Workers’ Sanctions & the Fourth International
Polemic with the Internationalist Group

The Struggle for Revolutionary Leadership
IBT’s Fifth International Conference

Labor Action Against Racism & Apartheid
From San Francisco to Durban

Workers’ Consciousness & Bosses’ Laws

Anti-War Strike
U.S. Dockers Take Historic Step

On Jailing Killer Cops
Marxism vs. Sectarian Idiocy