1917 #33 (2011)

Israel Apartheid & Palestinian Oppression
For Joint Arab-Jewish Class Struggle to Smash Zionism!

Strategies for Palestinian Liberation
On the ‘Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions’ Campaign

Mass Revolt in Egypt
A Crisis of Revolutionary Leadership

Class Struggle in France
The Necessity of Revolutionary Leadership

LTF & the General Strike
Self-Promotion & Timeless Abstractions

Que Faire?
For Proletarian Politics

Capitalist Austerity & Ireland’s Election
ULA: ‘There is nothing revolutionary about our policies’

Anti-Imperialism & the WSM
Irish Anarchists & the Defense of Neocolonies

‘Defiance of unjust laws’
Class Struggle Trade Unionism & Critical Support

Defend North Korea!
Oust the Bureaucracy—For Revolutionary Reunification!

‘A Capitulation to U.S. Imperialism’
ICL’s Mea Culpa on Haiti

Comrade Bill Savery
An Exceptional Proletarian Militant

Another ‘Blank Page’
IG Ignores ILWU Port Shutdown for Oscar Grant

Killer Cops & Democrats
Racist Injustice & the Murder of Oscar Grant

Mobilizing for Mumia
No to Legal Lynching!

Down With the G-20!
Drop All Charges Now!