1917 #34 (2012)

Pathologies of Capitalism
Economic Crisis & Neocolonial Wars

Libya & the Left
NATO, Rebels & ‘Revolutionary’ Apologists

Defeat the Imperialists!
IBT Statement on NATO’s Libya Campaign

Anti-Imperialism vs. Pro-Intervention ‘Solidarity’
Polemic with Irish Anarchists

Capitalism can’t be fixed!
On the Occupy Movement

Mass Protest Against Police Attack
On Occupy Oakland’s ‘General Strike’

Anger Boils Over in Britain
IBT Speech to German Anarchists

For a General Strike to Smash Austerity!
Con-Dem & Labour: Different Knife, Same Cuts

Capitalist Crisis & Revolutionary Opportunity
Sixth International Conference of the IBT

On the ‘Revolutionary Constituent Assembly’
Letter to French Leftists

IG on ‘Jailing Killer Cops’
Sectarian Confusion & Political Dishonesty

Free Mumia Now!
Death Sentence Dropped

‘Marxists Are Not Pacifists’
United-Front Demonstration Against Afghan War

IMT Glorifies Layton’s Legacy
Fightback’s ‘NDP Family’ Values