1917 #35 (2013)

Capitalist Crisis & the EU
For the Socialist United States of Europe!

Black Bloc Streetfighters & Liberal Pacifists
The Politics of Confrontation

Quebec Students Fight Back
Mass Struggle Repels Austerity Attack

For Workers’ Strikes to Smash Austerity!
Quebec Students Show the Way

Letter to the Internationalist Group on Quebec
Learn to Think

Cliffites Vote for Muslim Brotherhood
‘Revolutionary Socialists’ Embrace Islamic Reactionaries

Greece: A Crisis of Leadership
Austerity, Resistance & Betrayal

Trotskyism vs Castroism
IBT Remarks at SA/SWP Cuba Confab

Leninism: ‘Irreconcilable Ideological Demarcation’
Bolshevism vs Kautskyism

Veronica Jones & the Frame-up of Mumia Abu-Jamal
A Woman’s Struggle to Tell the Truth

Why Marxists Voted ‘No’ on Prop 34
Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!

Wikileaks, Sex & Imperialist Law
Hands Off Julian Assange!