1917 #4 (1987)

Whither Gorbachev’s USSR?
Glasnost and ‘Market Socialism’

Not Twins, but Antipodes
Leninism and the Third Period

New York BT Launched
The Road out of Jimstown

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous
In Robertson They Trust… All Others Pay Cash

If the Shoe Fits…

Moreno: Any Way the Wind Blows
Letter to the Editor

Worker States and Markets

Solidarity: Anatomy of a Sellout
The Crises of Leadership in B.C., 1983

For International Labor Solidarity
U.S. Union Militant Tours Britain

Free Moses Mayekiso

Militant Longshoreman Program

Hands Off the Teamsters!
Labor Must Clean its Own House

Class Struggle on the Waterfront
Communist Tactics in the Trade Unions