1917 #20 (1998)

The Struggle for South Africa (PDF)
From Apartheid to Neo-Apartheid

The Revolutionary Betrayed (PDF)
Trotsky & the ‘Crisis of Trotskyism’

A Life of Struggle (PDF)
Myra Tanner Weiss, 1917-1997

James P. Cannon on Anarchism (PDF)

A Conversation with Myra (PDF)
Life in Cannon’s SWP

‘Globalization’ & the Unions (PDF)
The New Realities of BSA/SEP

IG: Willful Blindness (PDF)
IG: Ex-Robertsonites in Denial

In Defense of Tactics (PDF)

Canada’s No Choice Election (PDF)
For Independent Working-Class Politics!

Justin Ryniker (PDF)

Class Politics & Labour Loyalism (PDF)
Tony Blair & the British Left