Bolshevik #1 (2020)

Climate Catastrophe
& How to Combat It

The Necessity of Revolutionary Leadership
Who We Are—Introducing Bolshevik

James M. Robertson: A Balance Sheet

Defend Venezuela Against Imperialist Aggression!
Bolivarians Resist U.S. ‘Regime Change’ Attempt

Venezuela & ‘Russian Imperialism’
Socialist Action, Red Flag & IBT ‘Imps’ Take a Pass on Discussing:

On Russian cash flow in Caracas

‘Democracy’ Provocateurs & Hong Kong’s Capitalist Dystopia
Defend the Chinese Deformed Workers State! Crush Counterrevolution!

Spenser Rapone and the Democratic Socialists of America

‘A Working-Class Hero’
Honoring our comrade Howard Keylor

Hands off Julian Assange!

On the IG’s 2016 Capitulation in Brazil:
Crystalized Confusionism

CWI Implodes
After 60 years of opportunist adaptation

The Struggle for the Middle East
Drive Out U.S./NATO Imperialists!