1917 #21 (1999)

Balkan Quagmire (PDF)
Defend Yugoslavia Against NATO’s Attack!

Labor: Fight to Free Mumia! (PDF)
Abolish the Racist Death Penalty!

Origin of ILWU’s Political Action (PDF)
Longshore/Warehouse Militant Caucus: a Great Tradition

Disagreeable Sectarians (PDF)
Open Letter to Workers Vanguard

Free Ocalan! Defend the PKK! (PDF)
Permanent Revolution and Kurdistan

Hands Off Iraq! (PDF)
Down with UN Starvation Embargo!

Weathering the Storm (PDF)
IBT’s Second International Conference

SLP: a Postmortem (PDF)
Bolsheviks in King Arthur’s Court

From Cliff to Trotsky (PDF)
Open Letter to the International Socialists

Apologists for Islamic Reaction (PDF)
Fake Socialists vs. Women’s Liberation

Marxism & the General Strike (PDF)
Lessons from Working-Class History