Upcoming online forum – Russia’s campaign to de-NATOize Ukraine

A challenge for the revolutionary left

The proxy war of US/NATO against Russia taking place in Ukraine enters its 10th month with no end in sight. Europe stands on the edge of a deep recession due to the sanctions on Russia which have backfired, particularly in regard to energy supplies. We are seeing a major reconfiguration of international geo-politics as the era of US imperialist hegemony comes to an end.

This conflict has tested the political character of every ostensibly Marxist formation around the world and starkly revealed the confusion, cowardice and political bankruptcy of the vast majority of ostensibly Trotskyist groups, especially those headquartered in the imperialist heartlands.

Join us in discussing these issues on Saturday 3 December (09:00 Pacific North America, 12:00 Eastern North America, 17:00 British/Irish, 18:00 Central Europe, 20:00 Moscow) – register @ https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_pIDKThM9SPqNqixHbSRrbA

For more information see NATO v Russia in Ukraine – A litmus test for Trotskyists