Online forum – China’s Belt and Road Initiative & Imperialist Blowback

The Belt and Road Initiative has made the Peoples’ Republic one of the top five investors on most continents. The western media and many on the left denounce China as a new “imperialist” power that uses debt-trap diplomacy to appropriate assets from weaker countries. This view is not shared by the governments in the Global South who have had experience with Chinese infrastructure projects and investment. China’s growing influence in the semi-colonial world, combined with its meteoric economic rise has put the Chinese deformed workers’ state in the crosshairs of its western imperialist rivals. Our presentation will discuss why the Peoples’ Republic is making foreign investments, the class character of the Chinese state, the roots of the growing anti-China hysteria and aggression by western governments, and the limits to the BRI imposed by the structure of global capitalism.

Join us on Sunday 2nd April at 5pm (BST), 12pm (EDT), 6pm (CEST)

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