Statements and Leaflets from before the IBT split

15 October 2018
Fascist Dregs of Capitalist Reaction
For a workers’ united front!
Leaflet first distributed at an anti-fascist demonstration in London on 13 October 2018 (PDF)

26 September 2018
Historic Victory for Women’s Rights in Ireland
No time limits, no gatekeepers! Abortion for all who need it!
Alan Gibson, pro-choice activist in Cork

16 September 2018
For Militant Working-Class Action to Stop the Fascists!
IBT presentation at a “student activist weekender” in London

3 September 2018
New Zealand Rally to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal
IBT speech from demonstration for Mumia Abu-Jamal in Wellington, New Zealand

13 May 2018
Solidarity with comrades of the Grupo Internacionalista! An injury to one is an injury to all!
We recently learned about a shocking attack on the family of comrades of the Grupo Internacionalista, Mexican section of the League for the Fourth International (see “Protest Torture Attack on Labor Activists’ Family in Mexico”). We stand in complete solidarity with these comrades who are victims of horrific anti-communist violence apparently carried out with the connivance of Mexican state authorities. The depraved perpetrators of this outrage are the enemies of all those committed to social justice and democratic rights.

26 March 2018
Open the Prosecution Files – Release the Evidence! Free Mumia Now!
Speech from united-front demonstration for Mumia Abu-Jamal

14 March 2018
The Peasant Uprising in the Russian Revolution of 1917
Chris Kinder

8 March 2018
Marxism, Feminism and #MeToo

14 February 2018
From Trotskyism to Neo-Pabloism
ICL Breaks with Leninism on the National Question

20 January 2018
In Defense of (Seymour’s) Marxism
Exposing the ‘Theoretical Framework’ of ICL’s Neo-Pabloist Turn